What’s holding us back?

Why is it that human culture forgets the past so easily? Western culture knew that the earth was round more than a thousand years ago, and now – today! – we have too many people who think they are smarter than everyone else because they deny what was so obvious to people who only had […]

Hiding in Plain Sight

I never saw Kobe Bryant play, mostly because basketball is not my sport. The only things I knew about Bryant is that he was considered one of the pre-eminent basketball players of his generation, and that he most likely used that position and prestige to rape at least one woman and get away with it.

Process vs Policy

Several times this year I’ve found myself making the same mistake. Someone will post on Facebook or Twitter or a blog a political comment or statement about how we need to “find our own way” and not succumb to party politics. About how important it is to vote “for the best candidate” because “both parties […]

Not surprised

I’ve been posting, on Facebook and elsewhere, the fact that what is going on at a national, political level, is just not normal! And yet? I’ve already lost my surprise. I’m no longer shocked that the party in power is making the changes it is, making the demands that it is, proposing the laws that […]