Ask the Questions

We have a sense that so many things are like an escalator: there’s a beginning where you must start, you certainly can’t get on in the middle, and you mustn’t start at the other end and work backwards! Life has a certain order and woe to you if you don’t follow it! Which is one […]

What’s holding us back?

Why is it that human culture forgets the past so easily? Western culture knew that the earth was round more than a thousand years ago, and now – today! – we have too many people who think they are smarter than everyone else because they deny what was so obvious to people who only had […]

Hiding in Plain Sight

I never saw Kobe Bryant play, mostly because basketball is not my sport. The only things I knew about Bryant is that he was considered one of the pre-eminent basketball players of his generation, and that he most likely used that position and prestige to rape at least one woman and get away with it.