Fly, by night

Moon rise, thoughtful eyes Staring back at me from the window beside No fright, or hindsight Leaving behind that empty feeling inside Start a new chapter I find what I’m after Is changing every day The change of a season Is enough of a reason To want to get away

Begger that I am

In my Netflix queue at present, there are 5 different movie adaptations of Shakespearean plays: Twelfth Night,  Henry V, Richard II, and Hamlet. There had been three Hamlet‘s at one time, but I’ve already watched the Gibson followed by the Brannagh, with only the Tennant one left (not Olivier. Never Olivier. Perhaps Kline).  I studied […]


I love WisCon. I really do. It was the first SF/F convention I ever went to. It’s my hometown convention. And I’ve yet to see a Wookie, Cthulu, or Hobbit walking the halls. (I love my friends who are into Cosplay and if Renaissance Faires are cosplay, then I’m into it as well. But I […]

Cultural Templates

I’ve begun the research into what will become the world for my next novel. I think it will be a story of the Fae, so will involve immortal beings thousands of years old, their technology and culture. So, of course, I watched a handful of Dawson’s Creek episodes. There are assumptions made by all of […]