Post WisCon Blues

I tried to figure it out this year. I try to figure it out every year but I really have lost track by now. However, I think my first WisCon may have been WisCon 20. WisCon was my first SFF convention, has been pretty much my only convention, save for a couple of forays into […]

Living the Long Tail: WisCon 35 panels

The first panel I went to at WisCon 35 was called Living the Long Tail and it continued my tradition of attending panels that aren’t what I think they are. I had anticipated that the panel would be discussing the book The Long Tail  which discusses developing and keeping a core audience. To some extent, […]

Writing Trauma and Rape: WisCon 35 Panels

I started going to WisCon some 18 years ago, primarily looking for advice as an aspiring writer. The writing workshops there have been great for me to work on the craft and meet some fascinating, kind, and very helpful people. Sometimes the critiques have been good, sometimes devastating (those aren’t mutually exclusive categories), and while […]

The WisCon Weekend

WisCon 35 wrapped up last weekend and the highlight of the weekend was that I made my self-imposed deadline. More or less. Two years ago, I set WisCon as the deadline for finishing the rewrite of my novel. I made that deadline (luckily, I hadn’t specified which WisCon) even though I bought a house and […]