About time

Something’s got to change, I suppose. This blog’s been dormant for over a year. But with Chuck Wendig single-handedly bringing back the blog who am I to gainsay a trend? A trend of maybe two, if you count Scalzi (and I do, seeing as I just met him ::waves::). Three now!

I think I’ve figured out what content I’m going to write about on this blog. In the past I’ve tried to be coy about some of the things that matter most to me because I didn’t want to offend, idk, someone and then that someone might not join my tens of readers. Combine that with the desire to do a thorough job with any post and it led to fewer and fewer posts of anything at all and then a year of nothing and here we are.

Time for a change. I like blogs, I’d like to have one, but that means content and so here we go. Not all posts will be long, or researched, or with accompanying pictures or links. My plan is to have new stuff up every couple of days, but that means unfinished thoughts, plans, ideas, guesses will get posted along with longer pieces (I mean, I’ve met me. Of course there will be long pieces).

I’m going to write about politics because, let’s face it, the fate of the US as a democracy is at stake this year. I’m going to write about writing because that was the point of this in the first place. I’m going to write about sex and relationships because I’m one of those that doesn’t ascribe to the bog-standard relationship structure which takes some work and contemplation. I’m going to write about history because it’s a different world and my next novel takes place in the past (no, not that one [link?] but kinda).

I might get down to fives of readers or all the way up to dozens, but that’s okay. It’s the journey that matters.

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