What’s holding us back?

Why is it that human culture forgets the past so easily? Western culture knew that the earth was round more than a thousand years ago, and now – today! – we have too many people who think they are smarter than everyone else because they deny what was so obvious to people who only had […]

NaNoWriMo 2018

I first heard about “Book hunters” in Lisa Jardine’s book Worldly Goods: A New History of the Renaissance. I’d been learning about Renaissance and medieval history for years and yet I can’t recall ever hearing about the Italian Humanists who would venture into the dark and hidden parts of monasteries to return great books to […]

Choosing settings

I’m here for a purpose. I have a story in mind that takes place in the south of France. I’ve been researching the area and had made some decisions about how things were going to go. But the purpose for being here was to check things out, to learn what’s actually here. The difference between […]

Looking Forward to 2018

Last year, I accomplished some big things. I published my first novel to Amazon, A Call of Moonhart, I finished one draft and one rewrite of a book I’m calling Harmony in Three Voices, and I began the research for my next novel series. It’s possible that I’ll get Harmony published in 2018. It’s pretty […]

A Failure of Google-Fu

I’m running into an issue with my research for the medieval murder mystery. Not everything I want to know is online! Or, if it is, it isn’t in English! I know … shocking. I’m working on the language aspect. My French reading skills are getting better so, if I can find documentation in French, I […]

Look What Showed Up!!!!

The page proof is here! Now I can go through it and make sure that all is in place for everyone of you who have asked about a print edition. I’m still on track for the print to be ready at the same time as the ebook.