The Irons in the Fire

I have a number of writing projects on going right now and it is a learning process to discover just how to keep them all moving forward. These projects are in various stages and I’m trying to learn how it will work for me to keep moving back and forth between them, to keep work […]

Je lirai

At my French class last week, I was asked why I’m studying the language. I used to have a good answer: a short version, a long version, a self-deprecating one. But when I was asked the question last week, I realized that my answer had changed. I had begun my language learning journey mostly because […]

NaNoWriMo 2014

Back in 2007, I joined and “won” NaNoWriMo with what eventually (like 5 years after that one month) my novel A Call of Moonhart. That time, I knew I had a novel-length idea, I had the world building in hand, and the timing was right to get a jump start on all of it. Eventually, that […]

Making it up as we go along

I caught an episode of “Bones” the other day, “The Daredevil in the Mold” from Season 6. One of the sub-plots is that Booth asks his girlfriend Hannah to marry him. That’s pretty much the only scene I saw that day, so there may be some issues surrounding the proposal I’ve forgotten. But by the […]

Let’s Get the Band Back Together

Tuesday night, Smokey Wizard Bacon got “the band back together.” Not sure if it was for one last heist or not, but we had a good time. Kat Beyer was with us and she brought the two things she came out with this summer: her baby and her book The Demon Catchers of Milan. We […]

That Time of Year

Maybe it’s the time of year. Labor day has come and gone, Autumn is near, and I’m getting geared back up to get to work. I always liked school – even high school, but particularly college – so perhaps at this time of year the old habits kick in and I’m more open to the […]