Post WisCon Blues

I tried to figure it out this year. I try to figure it out every year but I really have lost track by now. However, I think my first WisCon may have been WisCon 20. WisCon was my first SFF convention, has been pretty much my only convention, save for a couple of forays into […]

A Call of Moonhart now available!

My new novel, A Call of Moonhart, is available now to purchase through Due to popular demand — seriously, I was amazed and gratified at how many people wanted to hold a printed book — a PRINT copy is available as well. If you really want to go old school, in a few weeks, you […]

Look What Showed Up!!!!

The page proof is here! Now I can go through it and make sure that all is in place for everyone of you who have asked about a print edition. I’m still on track for the print to be ready at the same time as the ebook.  

The Irons in the Fire

I have a number of writing projects on going right now and it is a learning process to discover just how to keep them all moving forward. These projects are in various stages and I’m trying to learn how it will work for me to keep moving back and forth between them, to keep work […]

That was fun! Book cover contest is complete

Well. That was fun! I’ve just completed a contest, hosted by 99Designs to find the cover for my novel. The process was clear, there is a lot of help information available, and while not cheap, I’m thinking I’m getting a very good cover! I have not officially selected a winner, so if any one wants […]

In the Final Rounds!

There is a new poll up as I get further refinements of the cover designs. Slideshow of all four favorites are below. Clink on the link above or the title of this post to go to 99Designs. Please leave a comment here and/or once you’ve taken the poll. Vote on your favorite and tell  me […]