In the Final Rounds!

There is a new poll up as I get further refinements of the cover designs. Slideshow of all four favorites are below. Clink on the link above or the title of this post to go to 99Designs. Please leave a comment here and/or once you’ve taken the poll. Vote on your favorite and tell  me why!

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It wasn’t a dream. It wasn’t even a nightmare. It was a call of her goddess that sends Rhia, hunter of Moonhart eknos, to leave all she knows and travel through the wilderness in hopes of rescuing her mother, taken by mysterious forces.

It was a nightmare. Dughal has been a player all of his life, freely traveling through the lowlands of Anacarra with his troupe of actors, dispensing news performing their plays from town to town. Now, all of that is changing and soon Dughal will be forced to choose.

For a new prophet is rising, and he has other plans for them both.

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